For the 2012 SXSW, I was sent down to Austin to not only document our SXSW experience, but to take live requests from people back in our Chicago office on things to go see, events, expediences, etc. For 5 days I was shooting daily, and editing and uploading nightly. For quicker events, I was shooting, editing, incorporating motion graphics & music, and uploading 1080p video, all from my iPhone 4S (the first iPhone that was capable of such a task). It was an absolute whirlwind, a total blast, a great learning experience, and a flex of the current mobile technology. And after 5 days (and countless miles) of carrying around a 30lb+ mobile video studio on my back…I was more than happy to expense that full-body massage on my return home 🙂

ClientSXSW and Critical MassServicesVideo Production, Photography, Editing & Texas style drinkin'!

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